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How you can avoid paying the penalty for going the extra mile by Katie O'Regan

Posted on: Sep 18th

Towards the beginning of the year Her Majesty’s Revenue and Custom (HMRC) launched a new methodology to target Employer Compliance reviews on their key clients. To do this they recruited ‘Compliance Champions’ from a variety of industries with experience and familiarity of taxation and working practices within their field of expertise. In a poacher turned gamekeeper way, these ‘Compliance Champions’ have written to large busin...

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Pollution Pays?

Posted on: Mar 5th

If you drive a petrol fuelled car it will be fitted with a catalytic converter. All modern petrol car exhausts manufactured from 1993 include a catalytic converter. This reduces harmful emissions of certain gasses, including nitrogen oxides, into the atmosphere. Nitrogen oxides cause asthma and respiratory ailments, as well as being one of the main components of urban smog and acid rain.Our Environment Agency (EA) polices manufacturing and processing companies to ensure nitrogen oxides...

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Think local, act global by guest blogger H T Brigham

Posted on: Jan 13th

“Where did you buy your groceries from this week? Did you visit the independent traders on your local high street, or the one-stop-shop supermarket just down the road? Which you choose will probably come down to several factors including, price, quality, variety, convenience, and not least, whether you even have a local high street anymore. We are often told about the benefits of sourcing locally for the local economy, the environment and for ourselves. In reality, we probably e...

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In, Out or Negotiable? A blog by Anopol's John Swain

Posted on: Jan 6th

With the election of MEPs to the European Government just around the corner and EU dissidents and others pressing for a referendum on Europe before the General Election in 2015, we should prepare ourselves for a couple of interesting and important years.Iremember back in 1968, the big discussion of the day was ‘should we join the Common Market’? Having just lived and worked in Germany for over five years I was very pro Common Market and...

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Known by Association by guest blogger John Swain

Posted on: Dec 3rd

As a young man, heading a small company struggling to survive, I had little time or interest to get involved with trade associations. I can no longer recall what prompted me to have a change of heart, but I think it was around the mid-eighties I decided to test the waters and join the Metal Finishing Association (this has since been incorporated into the Surface Engineering Association).Almost immediately I was drafted onto the Members...

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