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Made in the Midlands weekly round up - 27/01/17

Posted on: Jan 27th

We are pleased to announce that the Made in the Midlands President, Christopher Greenough will be extending his term until the middle of the year.

Made in the Midlands CEO, Jason Pitt stated: “We will be extending Christopher’s presidency for the first half of the New Year. Christopher has done a fantastic job as President as a driving force within the manufacturing community. He consistently aims to promote the success of manufacturing within the Midlands region and he shares the ethos we have here at Made in the Midlands.”

Christopher explained: “I welcome the chance to carry on the role for the first half of 2017. I thank the members, patrons and council for their continues support. I will continue to push, promote and shout about members, patrons and MiM at every opportunity. I have a passion and real enthusiasm for Midlands manufacturing. We are truly the makers driving the UK economy.”

Additionally, Made in the Midlands latest breakfast event was hosted by MIM Platinum members Hayley Group at their specialist engineering and industrial gearbox repair centre Hayley 247 in Dudley, West Midlands.

Over 40 Made in the Midlands members attended Hayley’s premises which left them at full capacity. There were 60 second presentations from all of the attendees, before UK Electrical Drive Specialist, Chris Pails delivered an informative presentation regarding Hayley’s energy management services and quality. You can learn more about Hayley’s services and capabilities by visiting their microsite here.

Hayley Group Marketing Manager, Craig Bastable stated: “The event was very successful, I feel that the visitors got a lot out of the presentation from Chris Pails, as he opened up a lot of eyes to energy management and the cost savings that can be brought about by compressed air.”

Universities address aerospace challenge and offer world-class courses

Loughborough University and Derby-based SCITEK Consultants Ltd collaborated to develop a solution to an emerging challenge within the aerospace industry.

Lightweight composite components have made obsolete conventional tip timing and clearance sensors that rely on the metallic properties of gas turbine blades.

A two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) allowed SCITEK to work with Loughborough’s Optical Engineering Research Group (OERG) to develop a novel prototype optical sensor capable of monitoring both parameters – tip timing and clearance.

Marios Christodoulou, Director at SCITEK says of the partnership: “We enjoyed a good working relationship with Loughborough University. The partnership has enabled us to create a new technology that didn’t exist before – and potentially offer it to the market.”

Furthermore, Aston University is currently ranked in the top 100 universities for supply chain talent across the globe – and is aiming to hold on to its position in the latest poll to determine the future of supply chain.

A survey by SCM World amongst graduates of supply chain degree courses and practitioners in the industry concludes at this month, with the results being published as the SCM World University 100 report as part of its comprehensive Future of Supply Chain study.

Professor Ben Clegg, Professor of Operations Management, Aston Business School, said: “Aston University’s MSc programme for supply chain management is both distinctive and different because it is jointly delivered by the engineering and business schools. This means our students receive a much broader knowledge from academics that work closely with business and industry.”

Patrons discuss automation, importing in Brexit and the water market

Jonathan Lee Recruitment claim that Investment in automation technologies is proving to be a real differentiator as major retailers look to harness the full potential of omni-channel retail and fast track their operational logistics, to deliver both high quality products and a positive customer experience.

Robotic system maintenance also requires more advanced training or experience in high technology. For example, maintaining an electromechanical gripping assembly on a robot requires knowledge of mechatronics, a combination of electronics, pneumatics and mechanics, while vision and perception technologies, such as 2D and 3D cameras, lasers and photo sensors need expertise in optical engineering. Finally, software engineers can be the key component in integrating robotics with warehouse control systems and other management and data tools.

It is therefore critical when planning the introduction of automated systems that the people needed to design, install and maintain it for the years to come are considered and planned for from the outset to ensure the transition is successful and delivers on anticipated improvements in performance and efficiency from day one.

Additionally, Dan Plimmer, Lead Consultant and Head of FMCG & Consumer Durables Division at Jonathan Lee Recruitment contemplates the FMCG sector in the aftermath of Brexit Britain.

“In the abundance of news articles that have examined the possible consequences of the decision to leave the EU, there is no clear indication of what exactly Brexit really means to the FMCG sector. Political and economic commentaries swing from the apocalyptic to extreme optimism. In my daily interactions with clients in the sector, the common thread has been that businesses are cautious about the future but recognise the need to ‘get on with it’ so that they do not lose ground whilst the terms of exit are negotiated.” Read the full blog post here.

Also, Control Energy Costs discussed the retail water market opening to all non-domestic users from 1st April 2017. They have been active in advising our clients of this change. However, Liam Conway thought he would cover the flip side just in case any Made In The Midlands members  are considering signing with a broker who is pushing discounted water terms.

Idealair group Shortlisted for H&V News Awards 2017

Idealair group, an umbrella brand of Elta Group Building Services, is proud to announce that its Intelligent Demand Control Diffuser has been shortlisted in the Air Movement Product of the Year category, in the H&V News Awards 2017.

Michael Hilton, Associate Product Manager at Elta Group, said: “In the UK there is a growing awareness of indoor air quality, occupant well being and energy efficiency. This presented us with a real opportunity to repurpose an existing product within our portfolio to deliver significant advantages to designers, installers, building owners and occupants. It is fantastic that all the hard work by teams across the world has been reflected through idealair group’s shortlisting in this year’s H&V News Awards.

“In the UK, Elta Group has invested heavily in new product development resources and the recruitment of a new product management team. The Intelligent Demand Control Diffuser was one of the first products to go through this process and has proved a huge success.”

Now in its 23rd year, the Heating & Ventilation (H&V) News Awards are an annual celebration of excellence, forward thinking and the highest achievements across the building services industry. The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in London on Thursday 20th April 2017.

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